Wall Mounted Wood Bottle Opener

Wall Mounted Wood Bottle Opener

High practicability: the wall mounted bottle opener allows you to quickly open any beer with one hand. After opening the bottle cap, the bottle cap will fall into the storage basket, which is convenient for storage.

Suitable for all kinds of occasions: this kind of bottle opener can be installed not only indoors, but also outdoors. It is very suitable for bars, cabins, game rooms, KTV, hotels, kitchens and clubs

The wooden bottle opener is made of good quality wood, light weight, corrosion resistance, easy to dry and durable. The part of the bottle opener is made of iron, durable and not easy to deform

Easy to install - this interesting bottle opener has a hook hole on the back, which can be well hung on the wall of installed nails or screws, occupying no space and beautiful

The reason for choosing the wall mounted bottle opener is to avoid the trouble of looking for a bottle opener, which is a great bottle opener for people who like to drink bottled drinks.

These are great bottle openers for the home or business. What sets these apart from others is that the hardware is bolted on, not screwed, this ensures that it will last. Simply mount it to your wall or bar and open those bottles with ease. The one shown is made from hickory, but I'm happy to make it from any wood you like, just send me a message with your request. Other species may affect the price. Measurements are 5 inches wide by 12 inches long and 3/4 inches thick.